Good bathroom design strikes a balance between natural lighting and artificial lighting. It is very important to take space size, privacy concerns as well as lighting needs into account when you design and begin to install the lighting fixtures in a bathroom.


Natural lighting is eco-friendly as it saves electrical energy needed in the bathroom. If there is enough natural light, you will have a feel of openness even in a small bathroom. Windows and skylight in the bathroom provide the main source of natural lighting in the bathroom. Therefore, the placement of bathroom window is very important.


Sometimes, there may not be much flexibility for the location of a bathroom window, as window placement is decided by structural concerns. However, bathroom with too much window glass make you concern about the privacy in the bathroom. A good solution is to use frosted or mat glass as bathroom window. Or you can install a glass block window. One outstanding merit of a bathroom skylight lies in providing much more light than the same size window. There are no privacy concerns if you want to install a bathroom skylight.


Artificial light complements natural light in many ways to meet the light needs in a bathroom. Bathroom lighting design involves lots of tricks. For example, harsh ceiling lighting makes deep shadows under the chin, nose and eyes on face of people. Installing translucent diffusers on the lighting fixtures will help to soften the shadows somewhat. You can also improve things with multiple light locations, spreading the light out so it is not so sharp. Many homeowners are apt to install mirror light to provide enough light when make up. The vertically installed light bars and frosted bulbs mounted on the either side of the mirror create romantic atmosphere. It is strongly recommended to add a dimmer switch to control the light level that you are aiming at.

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