Small rooms don’t necessarily have to lack style. There are so many ways to decorate a small room so that it’s both stylish and functional. Following are some tips that will not only help you best utilize your space but come out with a great-looking room.

Paint an Accent Wall
Create an accent wall by painting one wall in the room a bold color. This will not only help the room to appear larger, but it will also give it a stylish feel. Make sure, however, that you paint the other walls a complementary color. Otherwise the one bold wall might look out of place.

Don’t choose dark colors for your accent wall, though. Colors such as black, dark blue, red, or dark green aren’t always the best choice. Choose a color such as pink, yellow, or aquamarine instead. After all, dark colors in a small room inevitably make the area look much smaller.

Choose Furniture That Fits the Size of Your Room
Keeping your furniture to scale is essential. For instance, don’t put a huge wooden bed in a really small bedroom. The same holds true for a small family room. Try to find furnishings that will fit well and not overpower the whole room. You want to be able to comfortably walk around in the room without having to bump into pieces of furniture.

Find Furniture That Also Works as Storage
Furniture in a small room should be functional as well as stylish. Items such as a wooden chest can both act as a coffee table or side table and also provide storage for such things as blankets, toys, and other items you might need to store in the room. This will leave you more room, allowing you to sneak more storage into a small area.

Another thing to consider is whether you are maximizing your vertical space. This way, you can easily add more storage space as well as design space. A solid wood bookcase and armoires make great vertical storage pieces.

You might also attach some shelving to the walls. You can use the shelving both for design and functional space. You can easily place some books and knickknacks of the shelves, which will add additional style to the area.

Let in Some Light to Open Up a Room
In a small room, it’s advisable to allow as much natural light as possible to filter in. Natural light is great, in that it always makes a room look brighter and bigger. Keep it simple with a pair of plain drapes or blinds, avoiding overwhelming window treatments. You might also try adding mirrors to the walls. This will reflect the incoming light, making the room look even larger.

Choose Lighting That Doesn’t Overwhelm the Space
Avoid installing lighting fixtures that either hang down or are otherwise way too large for the space. For small spaces, track lighting is a great option, as it doesn’t take up much space yet provides ample light for the room, even at night.

Just because you’re decorating a smaller space, doesn’t mean that it has to be hard or boring. If you keep things relatively simple and functional, adding in small aspects of your style here and there, you’ll find that you’ll really be able to enjoy your small space.

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