Before buying a new mattress, be sure to do some research before you buy. You may just be assuming you’ll get a spring mattress, but read some mattress review websites to find out if other options might serve you instead. For example, there is a very sophisticated type of air mattress, called an alternating pressure mattress, which might be of interest. And of course there are those made of foam, especially the visco memory foam mattresses.

Spring mattresses, of course, have pretty much been the standard in North America for decades. Yet as you’ll see in a mattress review for any bed using memory foam, this mattress will first be compared to a boxed spring before being judged on its own merits, as will mattresses that use air flow. Many people who buy foam, in fact, try to have the best of both worlds by purchasing a memory foam mattress pad or topper to place on top of their spring mattress. They hope to take advantage of the bounce and the give that springs supply, along with the extra support and comfort offered by the memory foam.

Springs can lose their shape eventually, but foam mattresses may also do so. Various types of reviews on mattresses will point out the difference between ordinary foam and memory foam. The latter is much denser, with millions of tiny cells that soften with body heat but “remember” their original shape as they cool. So a mattress made of ordinary foam will flatten much sooner than one made from memory foam.

Another comparison you might find would be between memory foam and the alternating pressure mattress. This mattress has small air cells inside that are inflated and deflated with electric controls. Studies have shown that both the visco memory foam mattress and this air mattress give better support than other types. Yet it was the alternating air pressure mattress that did the best job of preventing bedsores, because the force pressing on a person’s body differed from time to time.

There are so many options out there that you will always benefit from mattress review sites. Between those reviews, visits to stores, and mattress tips you might receive from other sources, you should be able to find something. Whether it’s a good spring mattress, a more expensive alternating air bed, or a memory foam bed, you’ll learn what works best for you.

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