Boxes are great organizing tools as they give you a place for everything.After you’ve used the boxes to help you clear up the mess, you can also use them to keep your things in the right place.

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First, classify the stuff you have using boxes.

Let’s use the box system to declutter one room.

Label 3 big boxes: important stuff to keep, stuff you use but not all the time, stuff you didn’t even know you had! Start putting things in the appropriate boxes.

The next step is to dispose of the three boxes.

The stuff you don’t need can be donated to charity, or maybe even sold on eBay.

The stuff you need sometimes but not often can stay in the box, as long as you have a note of where it is.

The important stuff should stay in its box for now until you see where it best fits in the permanent organization plan.

Do this for the whole room you are decluttering.

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Storing Stuff In Boxes

If the boxes are not attractive, you’ll want to keep them out of sight. Most of us have room for these boxes in our homes. Under beds, on closet shelves or under sinks are just a few places to consider.

If you use attractive boxes, however, you don’t need to hide them. You can find a variety of these in the stores. Wicker baskets, boxes covered in foam and fabric, certain types of plastic bins, even brightly colored buckets can work well.

Really pretty containers can look good displayed on shelves or standing in the corner of a room. Make them part of your design.

Make More Space with Shelves

Building shelving inside cupboards can give you lots more space to keep even the boxes you don’t want to see.

So as you can see, boxes are great for helping you declutter and also for keeping your space organized.

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