The wide sweep of the Victorian era, with its detailed and sometimes even lacy style, brings a romantic aspect everywhere.Your own home decorating theme can be softened up a little when you blend some of the characteristic aspects of this period into your home decor.There’s an astonishingly wide variety of engaging and charming vintage Victorian-style picture frames to choose from!Your own home design will guide you to select a style that fits in well.You may be surprised when you see for yourself the detailed workmanship in the products you examine!

Many Victorian picture frames feature an oval design.The dark-colored or gold-colored wood used for many antique-styled picture frames is often embellished with intricate patterns on the frame surface.As they are availabe in many finishes, including vintage walnut, silver leaf, gold leaf, rosewood and walnut, and in many sizes from 4″x6″ up to 24″x30″, these antique-style frames can fit well into most modern rooms with their light-colored walls and potentially bold colors of furniture.Both matte and glossy surfaces accent these picture frames with an arresting and subtle elegance that will enhance both black and white and color photos.

Borrow a hint of a past culture by using an antique round picture frame with a detailed border.The careful detailing in the frame border is attention-getting and bold.  The piece by itself is captivating and alluring to the senses.  The absolute beauty of this piece will complement any memorabilia placed within.A great way to frame a mirror is to select a round picture frame.

Collectible and antique memorabilia work extremely well showcased in shadow box picture frames.Do you have your grandmother’s canning or cooking tools from when she kept house?  These items, framed in a shadow box picture frame are a wonderful way to add some nostalgia and flair to your home decorating.Available in different sizes, shadow box frames may be as deep as 5″.Box shapes include the oval, oblong or square as well as letter- and heart-shaped.You’ll also need to be sure to include a glass cover to protect the precious items in your display.

The flavor of vintage designs has also been injected into one other style of artistic picture frame through the use of old-style glass including ripples, bubbles or specific patterns.  These may be assembled using stained-glass techniques that include insets of accent-colored glass. Blend the past with the present by displaying a meaningful photo in an antique-style picture frame.

The fascinating craftsmanship of the Victorian era picture frames displays the true art that picture framing can be.The strong distinctive and decorative effect that picture frames can have is well demonstrated as soon as you look carefully at the fine artwork or important photographs held within.It won’t be easy to pass by a collection of Victorian era picture frames and not be sorely tempted to add one to your own assortment at home!

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