Fireplace screens are an essential component of fireplaces.  These can be found in simple as well as modern styles to match different tastes.  People who wish to give their fireplace a simple appearance can select vintage fireplace screens and those who are searching for a modern appearance can choose from huge range of present-day styles available.

Fireplace screens are necessary when it comes to the safety of homes.  Fire is an unsafe aspect and fireplace screens keep the home and carpet safe form the escaping sparks.  These embers can stain the flooring and in severe cases can even cause enormous fire which can damage the room or set the entire house on fire.  The screens also protect small kids and pets from getting injured.

Furthermore, these are the accessories that add beauty and class to hearths.  They provide warmth as well as ease and also reduce the impedance of wind which enters the living room through vents.  Andirons are functional items and often utilized as embellishing accessories as well.  The amplitude of the fireplace screen plays an essential role in enhancing the entire appearance of the hearth.  The bigger the screen, the more attractive and amplified the fireplace looks.

Fireplace screens come in a wide range of lengths and designs.  These include traditional, antique and chic styles.  They can also be made available in various colors and materials like copper, bronze iron, steel and antique brass.  Additionally, the most famous type of screens used today is stained glass fireplace screens.  These are absolutely awesome, stunning, and gorgeous and add a sense of elegance to the hearth.

Stained glass fireplace screens are useful and add peace to special moments.  It draws all eyes to its sheer beauty as the entire screen gets illuminated from the glow of the fire.  The flashing fire surely offers convenience, entertainment and comfort to owners and as the flames dance, homeowners have the pleasure enjoying this beautiful scene through the stained glass.

Each stained glass fireplace cover is a unique handmade work of art.  They feature a huge number of small glasses compiled together and joined for a durable effect.  These normally contain up to four panels of glass depending on the type of glass used.  The variations in shade, bubbles, and surfaces enhance the uniqueness of the artwork.

Stained glass fireplace screens are beautiful and functional and protect the flooring from the sparks emitting from the hearth.  These are the most unique of all other types of screens available and even if the fireplace is in use or not, they will surely be an eye catcher

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