David Artsmith  –  Home decor can be quite tricky for the new homeowner. He will have to decide on many things including what color to choose, what material to go for, what shape to pick, which design is best and what style to buy. Any of these choices will impact on the look of the room or hall in which the furniture or decorative pieces are placed. So how does a homeowner go about choosing his home décor furnishings? We explore a less common home accessory, the dining room table, and try to come up with some clever ways that this important optional piece can be made to look wonderful.

The dining table is less conspicuous than the sofa or settee but they can make the room look elegant or dull by their design. Dining tables come in various shapes. Some are round, others rectangular. There are even oval ones. If you have a small room, the round one will do as it takes less space with large number of people. If you have a lot of people over, and have a large room to put them in, you may want to go with a rectangular shape that will allow you to fit more people comfortable, and will give you the ability to decorate in a straighter more linear fashion. It is also a lot easier to decorate around this shape.

Do not forget about the surface of the table in your home decor. For decoration, you can place vases, or other attractive pieces. You can cover the table with white embroidery mats for special elegant effects. You can also have folded white napkins in between the plates.

Potted plants also make excellent dining table decor. You can use live or artificial plants. Soft fabrics make the room look romantic and cozy ambiance. Unique chandeliers will create a banquet atmosphere for the dinning room. Choose from long, sparkling type for special effects. Lastly, try silverware with fruits and vegetables.

The dining table can add to your home decor as effectively as your living room chairs. Paying attention to it will complete your decoration for a beautiful home.


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