If you are interested in fine cotton duvets I will have you know that the difference in fineness of material for thread counts above 350 is hardly noticeable. This is something that you can test yourself when you are next in a linen shop. for those that might feel that there is a difference in the high level thread counts then if they have that kind of money they are free to buy them .

You should be able to get duvet covers of fine cotton under any of the following: red and white duvet cover white and silver duvet flannel duvet cover bedding

Cotton duvet covers come in various types differing in quality, strength, comfort and style. The most expensive cotton duvets are made from Egyptian and Swiss cotton. Just to give you an idea of how fine it is, this material is used for making babies bedding linen. For those that are looking for something classy and has style then this is for you.

For those that want to strike a balance between the price of the covers and the style that they want they might be interested cashmere cotton duvet covers made using Italian fabric. As I mentioned earlier you could also look to a more relatively cheaper type of cotton or fabric with a high thread count to give you the same effect as the high quality cotton.

another factor that affects the fineness is the size of the yarn considering the number of spins of particular yarn then you would notice that a multiple wound yarn has a finer feel then a single ply yarn. There is also a process that some covers might not under go which has to with the finish. This process is meant to make fabric wrinkle free and maintain its color. You will be able to tell by simply picking up the cover and having a feel of it. With practice these should be easy for you to spot.The quality is affected by more than just the thread count.

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