If you’re looking for a way to up the charm and sophistication quotient of a room, consider the addition of an area rug.  Area rugs are not always expensive, and the investment is worth the money. Area rugs are the perfect compliment to a great coffee table.

In order to fully appreciate the impact of a beautiful area rug, you should choose a style that will accentuate your existing modern furniture.  No matter what style your modern furniture happens to be — it could be classic, country, or contemporary — it is important that your rug be the same style.  If your current coffee table is very ornate, it is a good idea to stick with an area rug that is more simple in design.   If, though, you have a “plain jane” coffee table, it might be worth it to go with a more elaborate design.   The principle is the same when it comes to other pieces of modern furniture and your window treatments.  Don’t be afraid to select bold colors and designs to draw attention to your modern furniture.

It is important to select an area rug made of a fiber that is appropriate for your room.    A home with young children is the perfect place for stain-resistant fiber. There are a variety of rug materials, including wool and silk blends, nylon, and cotton.  Naturally, you will pay the most for wool and silk.  Don’t be afraid to spend money for a high-quality rug; they can last for generations! If your home or apartment has an open floor plan, consider area rugs for the purpose of defining your space.  A tasteful area rug, coffee table, and modern couch arranged correctly will define itself as the sitting area.

Finally, do not underestimate the value of an appropriate pad to go beneath your rug. Especially in the case of wood flooring, it is important to purchase a good pad.  At the very least, consider a non-slip pad to protect the safety of people in the home.   An area rug is a sure-fire way to jazz up your room.  If it is charm and sophistication you want to showcase your modern furniture, you can’t do better than a gorgeous area rug.  If you follow a few easy guidelines:  matching the style of your eileen gray table to the style of your rug, making sure you select the right fiber type for your needs, and selecting an appropriate pad to go beneath the area rug, you are sure to be glad you made the choice to add an area rug to your home.

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