Let’s face it, unless you are hugely optimistic, when looking around a house and see that it will need a lot of work done to it, do you not usually just think, is it really going to be worth all of the effort?

Well the same will work for you, when people look around a home they look to see what rooms will need redecorating and what work needs to be done around the home as well as room sizes. What can you do to sell the house quickly but yet keep the prices of the property high?

Well as the title is suggesting, redecorating the house could improve the chances. The first place to start is the front garden. The reason for this being that the front garden is usually going to be the first impression of your house to a potential buyer so having a well kept lawn, flowerbed or anything at all is key here. All that might be needed from this is cutting the hedges and a general tidy up.

Look into the kitchen after this. The kitchen is always important to people when looking at a new house. If you have a small kitchen then do not fear there are things you can do to make it look bigger. Again just a clean a tidy may all be what is needed here but if it is more then there is no need to go expensive.

Your bedroom is the last on the list. Although you may well be taking those bedside tables with you those white wardrobes might actually be attached to the wall and if this is the case painting them may be all that is needed to make the room look a lot brighter. People appreciate that you will be taking all of your bedroom furniture with you but that doesn’t stop them from judging the house on the items you have there.

All in all a big decorating week may not be what is needed; sometimes a simple tidy up and a spot of paint will do the trick.

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