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Baby nursery decoration is often fraught with problems. Most nursery planning happens during pregnancy, when you have a million things on your mind. So cut out needless problems with this guide. Here are seven common mistakes that you should avoid.


You do not need to spend a king’s ransom for your nursery decoration. Why wallpaper when you can paint? Do you really need a state-of-the-art video baby monitor? Of course your baby nursery room should be a cheerful, calm place but not at the expense of your bank balance.

Just focusing On Your Baby’s Needs

However shocking it might sound, your nursery is not completely about your baby. Your home will become rather chaotic to say the least and this is one room where you can bond and play with your baby. It really can become a sanctuary. So don’t just think “I must follow this color scheme and have those accessories because everyone does” Surround yourself with colors and items that speak to you.

One thing should be noted here. You need to be creative if installing a marble fireplace in your home. This is because; just installing marble fireplace is not sufficient and can not reflect the décor the way you might be expecting. You have to add something extra in it. For e.g. – You can make a proper use of fireplace mantel in decoration by placing a flower vase on it. Also, you can put designer candles or a sculpture in contrast with the color theme of marble fireplace.  Sculptures can also be placed closed to fireplace in order to enhance its beauty.

High Contrast Fervor

The opposite trap from pastel madness is ‘black and white and red all over’ type behavior. Some prospective parents read that babies love high contrast patterns such as chessboards and go crazy, filling the nursery with a mind-boggling array of psychedelic images. The truth is that little ones, with their not yet prefect vision, do indeed love high contrast visuals. Just not everywhere. Do your newborn a favour and intersperse with paler shades.

Marble fireplaces are available in various colors and patterns, so you need not to think whether you can get a marble fireplace in color theme matching with your room’s walls and furniture. You can select from a wide variety of latest designs and give a new look to your room. Also, at reputed natural stone products stores, you can find marble fireplaces in varying budget ranges. So chose your marble fireplace in your specified budget and desired look. Remember, it is a life-time investment

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