Do back aches and pains trouble you in the morning? Are you always moving during the night?

This could be due to inadequate support for your body when you sleep. Sleeping in a comfortable position helps to cut down on moving throughout the night. Inadequate support could come down to the type of mattress you are using.

It can be very exciting when searching for the best mattress on the market. There are several types available. The three major types of mattresses are the innerspring coil mattress, the visco elastic foam and the latex mattress. Every mattress has their benefits and drawbacks. Finding the best mattress is a very individual exercise since everyone has different needs.

One of the best mattresses available is the visco elastic foam mattress. Visco elastic foam, also known as memory foam, is made from NASA technology. Memory foam comes with different densities depending on how much support you desire.Your individual body shape and weight causes the memory foam to mold itself to fit your body. In doing so, it spreads out the weight evenly and reduces the pressure points on your body.

It is very comfortable to sleep on memory foam mattresses. Especially for people who suffer from back aches and pains. You get very good individual support from these types of mattresses that you cannot get from traditional mattresses.Memory foam mattresses have helped many people to reduce their back aches and pains.

To complement the space age mattress, you have the visco memory foam pillow. The same material is used to make these pillows. Just like your beds, these pillows come in several shapes and sizes. You get incredible support because the pillow contours itself to match your head shape and weight. Neck aches and pains are reduced greatly with such good support.

While these pillows and mattresses are great, using memory foam mattresses and pillows is not for everyone. Some people just love it, others just hate it. Trying it out yourself is simply the best way to find out.

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