Home owners around America are selecting the look of wood floors to beautify their decor.  Wood flooring, solid wood or laminate, has a warm, rich natural beauty that does not go out of style.  One of the many selections in wood floorings will be a perfect fit for any style of decor from traditional to ultra modern.  Wood floors is famous for it’s durability, simple care and classic beauty.  Solid wooden flooring and laminate flooring offer more color, pattern and style choices than previously.  The choices range between exotic woods from around the world to classic home grown varieties.

When building a new home, or reworking an existing one, the choice of flooring is one of the most important the home owner will make.  Flooring sets the tone for the rest of the decor and is the base for the decorating scheme.  Hardwood flooring ads natural beauty and charm to any setting, giving a first impression of quality and character to a home.  Hardwood is tougher to install and has a higher price tag than some flooring selections, but compensates for that with it’s durability.  Laminate flooring comes in many wood, stone and ceramic patterns giving the look of more dear materials with a smaller price ticket and a good record for durability.

Hardwood flooring can come unfinished to be stained and finished to match the home owner, or it can come prefinished in numerous colors and woods.  Hardwood surfaces last for many years, so they are great for the environment.  There is nothing better than the real deal if you can afford it.  The natural texture and graining of hardwoods is a part of their beauty and character.  The price range depends on the sort of wood, the grade and the construction.  Hardwoods are best installed by a pro installer who guarantees his work.  The half finished wood floors, need a professional to stain and finish them with the best finishes and equipment.

Laminate floorings are becoming more popular as a flooring material because of their affordability and beauty.  Laminate flooring comes in wood, tile and stone patterns.  Laminates consist of a wear layer, ornamental image sheet, stiff core of fiber board and a bottom balancing layer to stop bowing.  All these layers are bonded together and texture is added to the top to form the planks.  Laminate planks come with the edges engineered to snap together so there are no nails needed.  This flooring is a good product for home owners to install themselves to save cash.  It is a floating floor with a layer of thin froth under it.  It can be installed on less than perfect sub floors or old hard flooring products.  Laminates come in a wide range of prices depending on quality and construction, so they fit a lot of budgets.  Top of the range laminate flooring has excellent durability and low upkeep, along with the wonderful thing about the wood, tile or stone it mimics.





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