Picking out the right duvet cover is important. If you know the size of your duvet then you will always be able get a cover of corresponding size. A duvet cover for king size duvet, a double bed cover for a double bed duvet and so on.

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Buying one that is small has two problems, the duvet might not fit and if you do manage to somehow fit it, it will not cover the entire bed. Other things to think about when looking for duvet covers are quality, style, comfort and strength. Looking at the type of fabric, you have duvet covers that are made of cotton, silk and satin. Of these three cotton is the strongest and also the most durable.

Different types of cotton are available and the most expensive one is called Egyptian cotton. The satin duvet covers are much softer and are more stylish but not as strong as the cotton ones. Then next you have the silk covers. Silk worms are the ones that produce a thread that is then used to make the material silk. It is a beautiful and stylish material that is however lacking in strength. Choosing your cover from this category is all about preference.

The fabric types will also differ among themselves in terms of thread count, size of the yarn and the type of finish. For every material or fabric a higher threas means a finer finish. At high levels of thread count the difference becomes too negligible to consider. Considering high thread counts like 450 and 600 you will hardly notice the difference but for low thread counts like 200 and for 400 the difference is quite marked.

A two ply or three ply yarn provides a finer cover than a single ply. You can take all these factors into consideration when buying duvet covers to help you make the right choice.

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