Any respected interior designer will often utter the words “it’s all in the details”. What they mean by this is that you can have lots of stunning colours, huge spaces and luxurious pieces of furniture, but unless your finish is high quality and you have the right accessories, you’ll never achieve a good look.Lets take a look at three easy ways to ensure your accessories don’t let your design down.

Keep With One Colour
. Not many people can mix and match colours that well, so if its often best to keep to one. They don’t all have to be exactly the same tone, but it helps if they are all within a close range of a colour. For example, you might have some red pillows, with a red-pink clock on the wall and a ruby coloured candle stick set. Using all the same colour will reinforce the theme of a room and mean that there is less chance of different items clashing.

Qaulity Matters. If you scrimp and save on your accessories, the end result will be a finish that looks cheap. This does not been to say that all your accessories need to be expensive, but the items that stand out and that people interact with benefit from a bit of quality. Tableware for example is a key item to get right, as they are not only often closely inspected, but people actually use the items in everyday life.

Functional and Feature Items. As mentioned above, functional items are not the easiest things to get right. That said, these types of pieces often influence the look and feel of a room the most. Try to pick items that fit your personality. If, for example, you have never left the city you live in, don’t expect a mounted deer head on your wall to fit in with your style. However if you are a big whisky or wine drinker, having the right glassware on show looks good. You might have a glencairn whisky glass on show or some decanters, it really doesn’t matter as long as it represents you well.

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