A glass coffee table is a piece of modern furniture that can serve many purposes. The noguchi table could be used just to place magazines and remotes on, but why limit yourself? It can be used as a centerpiece to the living room, a study or homework center, or even as an intimate dining table.   Think of the vast variety of thing that you can achieve with this piece of modern furniture.

You have many different ways to use the coffee table as center piece in your living room.  You could create a beautiful flower arrangement on top.   By taking a second layer of glass and placing a photo between the layers, you create a lovely conversation piece that is highly personalized. An easy option would be to place a small mirror on top with a candle. Silk flower petals around the candle create an elegant look to any room.   By using a little imagination, you can create a lovely centerpiece for your glass coffee table.

Art majors can find the noguchi table useful as homework center.  Maybe you are working on an art project for your class and it requires you to do some tracing. Placing a lamp beneath the table to shine upward can help with this project.  This simple and easy solution can save you money by precluding the need to buy expensive art equipment and supplies. The smooth surface of the glass coffee table provides an excellent place to work on any project whether homework for the art major or the four-year artist.

Does your dining room table make it hard to have an intimate dinner? Witness this simple solution. Use the glass coffee table as a classy table for two.   Send the kids to their grandparents, put roses in a small vase in the center of the table, use pillows as chairs and enjoy that intimate conversation by candle light as you two reconnect over a simple dinner alone.   You should have no problems getting to know one another again.

See, there’s no need to just let that glass coffee table pile up with magazines and remotes. Pick one of the suggested ideas and try it out for yourself and suggest it to a friend that owns a glass coffee table. Perhaps you’ll really enjoy this new use for your glass coffee table, and maybe you’ll think up a few of your own!  Enjoy the many uses of your glass coffee table.

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