The bathroom has a unique place in every home. Relax with a glass of wine, a book and some luxurious bubbles and let your anxieties float away. It’s also a very difficult space to home stage.  Due to the outlay this room can create, seeking the help of a bathroom specialist would be recommended. The basics of bathroom staging are as listed:

As with the kitchen, this room wants a thorough clean. Mildew is a big obstacle in room that has above average humidity. Don’t forget to start fighting it early and you may need to repeat the procedure a lot of times and the acids and colors you use may be strong smelling for many hours or even days .

Redecorate the walls to give a fresh and clean look. The time is worth it and will not take long. Lights, lightbulbs, metal fixtures and fittings and mirrors all need to be wiped down and polished. If you are staying in the residence, be sure your kids don’t leave any surprises in the toilet which could influence the deal. Start by removing all the clutter lying around– shampoos, cups, medicines, plasters, etc. You can leave simple arrangements of tooth paste and brushes (they should be new of course), or a luscious scented soap. Keep the window ledges unobstructed of clutter.

The subsequent step depends on the actual state of your bathroom. You should alter all cheap plastic towel racks, spigots or toilet paper holders with chrome ones (be careful with brass fixtures, they are a bit out of date) and also think about replacing taps and shower heads. Some luxurious towels put out before visitors is a good idea and make sure that the old shower curtain is removed as well. Keep the decoration, fitments and accessories simple Busy patterns can be daunting. The same applies for ornamental transparent toilet seats with shells. Remove the mat around the toilet – it invokes unpleasant ‘what-has-soaked-in-there’ associations with buyers, even when absolutely new. At most put a little mat in the midsection of the room. If you have some additional money, you can invest it to bring some luxury into the bathroom. The illusion of space can be transformed by purchasing a pedestal sink. If the rest of the bathroom is up to specifications, deliberate about installing a extravagant item such as a jacuzzi bath. Pleasant perfumed air can be accomplished using scented candles, a simple (bathroom-friendly) plant can help your bathroom gain freshness.

Try to make the place look like a luxurious hotel room – place good shampoo in a nice bottle, acquire the best toilet paper and towels should to be thick and fluffy like a sheep’s fleece. You have two key selling points in your home – the kitchen and bathroom. If things are not as they should be in these areas, then the whole process will be much more difficult.

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