Day by day there is a drop in the sales of curtains and the reasons are not far to seek. For innumerable number of years they formed an essential feature of any household for dressing up of windows to help maintain privacy and retention of heat.

When curtains were first invented a long time ago their sole purpose was to offer privacy. A lot of innovations and creativity has gone into their present styles. There are different kinds of curtains for every room. So it’s easy to find a lot of indoor draperies.This means that the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom window curtains all differ from one another. There are also different name brand curtains and fancy curtain rods to suit any person’s taste.

There are curtains that are designed specifically for the kitchen window. You may have them in café style, valance, valance swag or a panel for the kitchen. They are available in a large variety of patterns to suit your taste, be it for checkered ones or those with an apple pie or a rooster on them.The traditional style is the basic valance swag with a tier which brings a warm feeling to any home. For example, tab top drapes offer the similar thing.

But as the great Bob Dylan once said: ‘the times they are a-changing’.

The new products that are available can put curtains to shame, in both aesthetic appeal as well as the options they offer. Fitted window blinds come in a huge range of colours and designs, including wood, metal, plastic and more.

Wooden blinds characteristically insulate the room from fluctuating natural weather and help curb noise too, if the user stays in a noisy environment. So, you are free to choose roller blinds if you wish so. Irrespective of the design of home, be it old Victorian style, wooden finished design would fit therein. The design of blinds and shutters comprises of a number of panels which are hinged together and thus be folded back, thereby giving you the freedom of adjusting the quantity of air and light that may enter your room.

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