Many people are now deciding to brighten up their wall using wall stickers instead of wallpaper. While wallpaper was once the only option for adding papered design to a wall, wall stickers are making a fast entrance into the world of wall decor. There are many benefits to choosing wall stickers instead of wallpaper when walls need an added touch of pizzazz or style.

The removable factor of wall stickers makes them almost a must in a child’s room or baby nursery over wallpaper. As children grow, their interest changes. Wall stickers can simply be changed with the latest trends and fades of the child. They allow you to add murals and scenes to a child’s room without paying a costly decorator.

Wall art stickers are also easily applied. In most cases, just peel the protective backing from the adhesive and place. They don’t need any wetting or paste unlike wallpaper.

Many prefer wall stickers because of their cost. In comparison to covering a full wall with wallpaper, purchasing wall stickers is quite cheap. The price for a wall sticker most often depends on the size and style. Regardless, they almost never cost as much as papering an entire wall.

The trend for wall stickers has made many companies to expand on their sticker ranges. Wall sticker stores now offer more styles and options than can be found from wallpaper. Many manufacturers can even customize wall stickers to meet the needs of customers when it comes to colors, words, pictures, and more. Many use wall stickers to relay a message in their home such as a favorite saying, a child’s name, or just a friendly welcoming.

When thinking about a change on a wall in your home, consider using wall stickers over wallpaper or paint. Their cost, ease of applications, removable ability, and personal touch can make your decorating a pleasure instead of a chore.

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