Recently, wallpaper has slowly started to make its way out of the world of interior decorating. More and more people are deciding to peel off or never apply wallpaper to their walls. Many are tired of the tricky application and removal and sticky residue left by applying wall paper. The same concept goes for homeowners deciding not to pay a high painting bill for a professional wall mural. However, they still need a way to add personality and pizzazz to the room. For this reason, wall stickers are quickly becoming the next big trend in decorating.

Wall stickers are chosen by interior designers and home owners because of the benefits that they can offer that no other form of wall decorating have. Wall stickers offer the easiest form of application, convenient removal options, opportunities for custom designs, low cost, and do-it-yourself features.

Many people consider decorating their walls with paint or wallpaper to be a huge undertaking. They choose not to try these decorating methods because of the time and trouble that they consume. However, people are discovering that they will get similar decorating results by using wall stickers. Wall stickers are becoming increasingly popular due the fact that they take no time and are easy to apply.

One of the hottest trends in wall stickers are custom stickers. Hanging wall stickers with a child’s name, favorite Bible verse or phrase, or welcoming into your home is a popular decorating trend for personalizing a wall.

Another factor that motivates people to move toward purchasing wall stickers is their price. In comparison to paint or wallpaper, stickers are very affordable. They save incredible amounts of money when used in the place of painted wall murals. The cost of using wall stickers and the desire from families to save money contributes greatly to wall stickers becoming the next big trend in wall decor.

In addition with the latest trend in do-it-yourself decorating comes a trend of using wall stickers. While many feel pressured to high professionals for painting or wallpapering jobs, wall stickers allow for no professional knowledge or expertise.

There is no doubt that the future shows wall art stickers as the next big trend in wall decorating. Cost efficiency, mobility, easy application, customizable factors, and not needing professional help all point to the future success of wall stickers.


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