One of everyone’s favorite places is the bedroom. While your living room is your showcase and your dining room is the place where you spend time together with your family, it is the bedroom where you spend the most time and where you have your most intimate moments. The importance of this most vital of all rooms cannot be understated. While one may be able to manage without a living room or a dining room, no one can do without a bedroom. And when you are setting up a house, it is one of the first requirements to be completed. Let us see how to set up this most essential part of your home. Let us start with the most vital ingredient – the beds. Walk into any furniture store to see the huge variety on display. From wooden to wrought iron, plywood to Italian wood, box-type furniture to platform beds, there are beds to suit each budget, need and taste. A great compliment to your bed is a nightstand or two, if you have space. You’ll want somewhere to store books and place a lamp within reach of your bed. Take your time to make your decision. Preferably carry out some preliminary research on the internet or some home decor magazines to see what the latest designs are before you hit the stores. The next important ingredient of bedroom furniture is a closet with adequate space to store all your linen. Most houses have built-in closets, but in case you are amongst those who do not have one, pick one up immediately. An armoire is a great option to add storage to your bedroom, most can be used to hang clothes or fit a large TV. The drawers of the armoire are large and can fit an abundance of clothing, like a closet they can be used for a variety of tasks like storage of your bed linen, your and your spouse’s clothes, and day-to-day usage items. Attach a mirror to the door of your closet or armoire and it will double as a dressing area as well. A dressing table is the next ‘must have’ in a bedroom. Depending upon the space available in your room, you can choose between a simple mirror affixed on the closet or on a wall, or go in for a completely separate dressing area. This area is generally most convenient right next to the bathroom, so all the toiletries are easily accessible from where they are most needed. The size of the mirror should match with the size of your room – an oversized mirror will look out of place in a small sized room, even though it may be the most exclusive piece around. Besides the mirror, your dressing space should also cater for a shelf of sorts for placing toiletries of immediate use and a few drawers for the rest. Vanity sets are generally smaller and at sitting height while dressers are larger with much more drawer storage; both usually have the option to attach a mirror. Add a smart rug to enhance the overall experience, and to prevent your feet from feeling cold in the early mornings. You can choose from smart modern designs and classy traditional ones. Rugs themselves come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, and it is essential to choose one which goes well with the overall décor of your bedroom. Go ahead and set up your bedroom with these absolute basics. Augment your bedroom space with the large variety of accessories available in plenty from all over the world, and enjoy the time in your favorite room! Hiring an Interior Designer or Designing Your Interior, Dining Room Furniture What’s Your Mode, Prices Of Dining Room Furniture – Whatever information you are looking for, you can definitely find them online.

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