Even though glass block was originally developed in the early 1900’s, it has recently come into its own. Glass block is stronger than sheet glass, almost vandal proof, easy to clean and decontaminate and as strong as brick from a structural point of view – glass block also looks fantastic and carries a certain aesthetic appeal. Modern designers are using glass block in increasing quantities and even a State Capitol building has used glass block to critical and aesthetic acclaim (check out the Michigan Capitol Building).

Glass block is used in residential bathroom construction often but there is so much more that can be done with the building material – imagination just needs to be expanded and the possibilities become clear.

In commercial and industrial buildings, glass blocks were used to improve lighting without compromising security (the material is tough), from this business type situation, bars and clubs have used it but it is in the home that glass block can really make a difference.

Glass block has long been used in the construction of basement windows because it is, as mentioned, secure while providing light. Architects have increasingly incorporated glass block into home design for sweeping staircases and introducing curves into living space rather than angular straight-lined rooms. Glass block lends itself to creating curves and some is designed and manufactured to create soft curves and bull-noses to enhance the drama of a sweeping staircase.

Glass block is favored also becuase it is energy-efficient. This may come as a surprise because glass is usually associated with heat loss and poor insulation capacity, but the fact is that it provides an excellent insulation material to build with. More than the insulation capacity for energy efficiency is the fire-rating effectiveness – glass block provides fire-rating for up to 90 minutes which beats traditional wood construction by miles. There is also the tensile strength factor – the material is pretty much indestructible and can be hit repeatedly with a heavy implement without breaking. Glass block is also an excellent sound insulator, so if you are looking for the ability to sound-proof, whether you want peace and quiet or the ability to play your sound-system at full blast without disturbing your neighbors, this is an excellent building material to use.

Aesthetically, glass block provides a great deal of light but still can be manufactured so privacy is assured. This unfortunately has lent glass block to the construction of restrooms all over the world but this is a feeble association. It takes color easily and provides a great-looking design in many different types of living space.

You can also source glass block that does more than simply look good – specialist manufacturers are creating glass block which directly affects how light is transmitted. This gives the ability to use light and create patterns within your living space as well as having a wall composed of great looking material.

Glass block is versatile, durable and great looking – you just need to exercise your imagination to create spectacular results at home or at the office. Born of industrial need, glass block is secure and highly efficient at protecting your home from intruders, pollution and sound yet at the same time, nothing comes close to the beauty and spectacular visual effect which can be created.


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