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Whether the project is commercial interior design or residential, individuals always want the best interior designer.  One way to choose the best residential interior design service is to ask family and friends what company they chose to use in the work on their homes.  In this way, the individual can ask questions of them, finding out what the scope of work was, what exactly was done in the home to what rooms, and how satisfied they were with the quality of the work in comparison to the cost.  By interviewing their family and friends they can begin to narrow down the choices so that they can find the best residential interior designer for their particular project.


If the project is for a redesign of a kitchen or a bathroom, there are some interior design services that specialize in those rooms in particular.  Someone who specializes in a particular room in a home can be the best residential interior designer since they are constantly finding out what is new in the market of interior design for that room, thus keeping things fresh.If several rooms in the home are going to be redone, then the best residential interior designer might be one who is better at pulling several rooms together so that the home has a certain flow to it, with each room complementing the next one in the design.

The best residential interior design companies will ensure that their employees are all licensed under that state’s regulations.  If an intern is also working on the project, he will be under the direct supervision of the licensed designer to make sure that the client is receiving the quality of work that he deserves.  In addition, the company will usually require that the client sign a contract for the work being done on the home.  Although these contracts are sometimes tedious to formulate and agree upon, they are an important aspect of the interior design process and will serve to protect both the client and the provider in the long run.  These contracts will spell out the scope of work for the residential interior design project as well as the estimated cost of the work.  Since everything is laid out in detail, both parties can agree to the work and price beforehand, so that in the end, the designer does not get slighted of the pay he is due and the client does not get surprised with a huge bill at the end of the project.

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There are some interior designers that are general practitioners, which means that they do not have a specialty, but will work in all areas of interior design.  There are other designers who will be highly specialized in one area of design, such as residential kitchen design, or commercial office design.Unless the project does not require a high degree of specialty, choosing a designer that is specialized in the residential interior design services required for the project is the best option for most individuals.Although a specialist in the field will usually cost more, the results of the work will usually be more to the individual’s satisfaction.

Licensing and Contracts

The best residential interior design companies will require that all of their interior designers be licensed through the state licensing board in all states where that company works.  There are some companies that use interns and find other ways to get around the licensing laws, but individuals needing a residential interior design service should be sure that the intern is always working with a licensed interior designer.  The licensing exam that is required by most states is the NCIDQ examination.  The NCIDQ is a non profit organization that helps to ensure that high standards are met in the interior design field.

The licensing exam covers several different areas of residential interior design services such as programming, schematic design, contracts, design development and professional practices.  In order to qualify to take the exam, the individual must have at least six years of experience in the field of interior design, which can include the coursework for interior design as well as working in the field under a licensed practitioner.

Once a residential interior design service has been chosen, then the individual will work with the interior designer on the scope of work for the project.  In this way, both parties are clear on the expectations for the project and the scope of work and the estimated expenses are all laid out in a contract.Once the contract is agreed upon and signed, neither party can change the scope of work without talking to the other party and coming to another written agreement as to the addendum to the work.  The contracts serve as protection for both parties so that the residential interior design service gets paid and the individual does not have to pay more than the agreed upon sum of money for the design project.