If you’re particularly awed by the invention known as the platform bed, you’ll be more amazed to know that it actually dates back to Ancient Egypt and Rome. These beds may have only risen to popularity during this time but they are definitely the first of their kind. You’ll be more amazed to know that the platform bed we know today isn’t even the original structure they made back then. Instead, it is a product of modern innovations and discoveries all leading to the platform bed as we know it today. Thankfully, we have everything we need in this day and age to make this particular bed not only pleasing as a sight but reliable in terms of durability. The humble appeal of the platform bed makes it a welcome addition to anyone’s bedroom furniture. It doesn’t demand attention yet it is a natural focal magnet. One simply cannot ignore the presence of a platform bed in any room, yet it doesn’t drown everything else that is there. This makes it a very versatile piece to incorporate in any bedroom furniture design. Whether the direction is contemporary or traditional, a platform bed simply has ways of looking good by itself and in consonance with the rest of the design. While other types of beds would tend to eat up a lot of physical and logical space in a room, even solid wood platform beds will have a unique presence that makes a bedroom feel more spacious. This gives the dweller the freedom to add in more elements into the design. Platform beds are made with very little detail, thus limiting the trouble of loosened bolts, screws and the like. When you have a solid wood platform bed, there’s little chance of bending and sagging because the strength of the wood will be more than enough to support a mattress and the one who lies in it. Plus, you’ll find these platforms to be quite affordable bedroom furniture you’d be glad to accommodate in your family budget. If you buy this bed by it, you will see that it matches any furniture you already have and this is good because that means don’t have to spend extra to replace something that doesn’t quite look like a fit. If you buy a complete bedroom furniture set, you will be glad to know that there will be sets, quite many, that include a platform bed instead of the older, more traditional bed types. Bedroom Furniture – Something New Coming from the Old, Bedroom Furniture – The Safe Basics, Ageless Country Style Bedroom Sets – Whatever information you are looking for, you can definitely get them online.

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