Not getting enough sleep is not a nice experience. It can knock you out of sync for days creating a cycle of being tired through the day and hopelessly awake at night. Two or three hours sleep can be enough for some people but I know that I am not alone in needing at least seven hours before I am fit for anything. Many people rely on a bedtime ritual to prepare them for a long and peaceful sleep such as having a warm bath, drinking a cup of warm milk or taking a few moments to breathe deeply. We can adapt our bedroom into a room designed to help us get to sleep and stay asleep for as long as possible. Spending a little money to adapt some of your bedroom’s features will create a room designed for your relaxation.

LINED CURTAINS: Replacing your drapes with lined curtains has several benefits. They have insulating materials which can significantly reduce the noise that enters your bedroom from outside, including road noise, as well as regulating the room temperature for a comfortable atmosphere. There is also the option to install a blackout lining which can be very useful during the summer months as no light is able to enter the room. As we are often kept awake or woken up early by noises like birdsong and early sunrises, lined curtains will solve these problems.

SOUND STIMULATORS: Your partner’s snoring or the constant rumbles of outside noises are not sounds that tend to relax us. Investing in soothing sounds on a CD or a sound stimulator can produce noises that are proven to relax. Acoustic relaxation can be another way in which you experience deep sleep.

YOUR BED: New bed frames and mattresses can be expensive but an uncomfortable bed can lead to an uncomfortable night’s sleep. By purchasing a mattress topper and the right duvet, you can have a better sleep without the expense of a whole new bed. The right duvet will stop you from getting to hot or too cold during the night and a topper can suit the firmness you need for a good night’s sleep. Making your bed the centre of relaxation and comfort will set you in good stead for a perfect night’s sleep.

You could stop bad sleeping patterns by trying out some of these tips.

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