If you are interested in residential interior design, whether you want to redo your own home or get into this field professionally, there are a few important things that you are going to need to know. You always want to do the best residential interior design job that you can, whether it is to your house or someone else’s.

What to Think About

When you are starting any residential interior designer job, you really need to scope out the area first. You need to really put some serious thought into the space, what it looks like now, what could be, and of course you need to take the client’s wants and needs into perspective. That is the most important thing, that you work the residential interior design around the client.

After all, it is them who you are working for and they who are going to be living in the space. You could turn a residence into the perfect design for you to live in but what good is that going to be to your client? You really need to keep this in mind whenever you are doing any residential interior design work.

You are also going to need to start by making some sketches. This will really help to get your brainstorming and make sure that you are as creative as possible, keeping the different areas of the space in mind while you are working.

Whenever you are choosing residential interior design options, you want to think about what is going to be suitable for the room. For instance if there are going to be children playing in the room, you are really not going to want to use luxurious fabrics like silk and satin. These would be better for an adult bedroom or a retreat.

For kids rooms you would be more inclined to using more affordable, durable fabrics such as cotton and polyester.

Staying up to date with all the latest style trends is really going to be important if you want to be an interior decorator, and while you are not going to be using modern designs in all your residences, you still need to make sure that because this is your job, that you are taking it seriously and that you are going to be up to date on what is hip and happening.

You can do this through classes, books, and other but basically just your own research and working in the field that you are in, paying attention to style.

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