Becoming an interior decorator can prove to be a great thing for you because you can, on average, expect to earn at least forty thousand dollars annually. What’s more, many interior designers work out of their homes and so you have more independence as well. This means that you should check out a good city interior design school which can help provide you with a high standard of education that will ensure that you grow and prosper in your chosen profession.

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best places to look for a city interior design school and so too are Washington DC, New York City as well as Chicago and of course Southern California. If you are out on the West Coast and need to find a good city interior design school then you need to head to San Francisco which is one of the most important design hubs in the US and it is known for a city that has culture, diversity as well as supports the best in arts and of course design.

One of the better city interior design schools in San Francisco, the Academy of Art University deserves special mention as it is the largest private university in the country in regard to providing superior education in art and design. Studying at this city interior design school will allow you to get accredited BFA, AA, MFA as well as several programs of continuing education.

Another option in regard to a good city interior design school in San Francisco you need to try out the Art Institute of California that will especially prove to be a great choice for those who have an eye for designing visually appealing objects and interiors. Here you can study graphic design and get a head start in your career as a professional interior designer.

There are many good options in regard to a city interior design school in New York which is a city that is often referred to as the global art center where subjects such as commerce, design as too culture are taught at some of the best schools in the world. The Art Institute of New York City is certainly a case in point.

Residential interior design is not the same as commercial interior design work. No doubt, a majority of us spend a lot of time in offices but a great many people also like to decorate and design their homes so that they feel just as comfortable at home as they do in their offices.

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