Silk plants are now becoming more realistic and life-like. So for those who want to have well maintained gardens but have neither the time nor the skills to take care of real ones, they’re the best option. Here’s how to find good silk plants for your garden.

The silk plants made out of polyester silk blend is much more suited for outdoors than the ones using Chinese silks because it is more durable and easier to take care of. You can apply protective coatings that will make water bead up rather than getting it absorbed.

There are those that contain natural elements like trunks with artificial greenery. There are arrangements that have silk flowers, buds and leaves but also contain natural elements like dried baby’s breath.

These are things that you shouldn’t place in the exteriors because even though they add to the natural look of your front yard, they do not react well to natural elements. They can absorb moisture, mold and begin to rot, and become very brittle if exposed to heat and sunlight. Silk bonsai trees are one such example. Dye from the silk plant may run and stain the yard and surrounding furniture.

Consider the leaf shape and color when putting together your arrangements, as if they were real flowers instead of silk flowers, for example. Try to coordinate your silk plants with the time of year to achieve that real look.

Even the top grade silk plants will only last about two years outdoors, so it’s essential to find the best quality at the lowest cost, since you will replace them ofen. But be careful also not to get the bottom of the barrel ones because you might replace them more often and spend more. Try to find mid range silk plants and apply waterproofing coating, instead of buying those with built-in protective coatings which are more expensive.

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