David Artsmith   –   On one side, the bedroom needs to be a serene setting. Relaxing it should soothe you into sleep, and ease the burdens of the day away.

But you also don’t want to sleep forever. The bedroom is where you wake up in the morning. It is a place where you want to feel vigorous, frisky, and powerful.

You have to understand your own personality, and then create an atmosphere that fosters your best traits.

If you are a deep and easy sleeper, able to snap into a nap and stay there for hours on end, you might want to put a little fire in your bedroom. It might invigorate you, and motivate you to get out and get active again.

You can do this using bright colors, and bold expressive art. Decorative items should be vigorous, patterns should be strong, and there should be contrast throughout.

But if you are easily exciteable, or prone to anger, you want to create a space which is relaxing. Instead, try to fill the room with soothing objects, and turn it into a relaxing escape from the worries of the day.

In this case, you will want to use soothing colors such as ocean blue and forest green. You should also consider peaceful decorative peaces, scenes of nature, and gentle patterns such as floral styles.

Another important aspect of bedroom decorating is personalization. You are the one who will have to be comfortable in this space. Use decorative items which have particularly special meaning to you, to create an atmosphere which suits your psychology.

The ultimate nature of your bedroom should be a balance which helps you compensate for your own imbalances. The bedroom can, in this way, actually be a tool to help improve your personality.

Good luck – pebblez

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