Finding the right children’s bedroom furniture can be both an exciting and sometimes overwhelming task. Stimulating, because there are so many great styles and designs to choose from and overwhelming for the very same reason. So where do you start? The following 7 points are a guide for you to consider before purchasing the furniture for your kids bedroom: 1. How much space is available? “Will the furniture fit contentedly into your child’s bedroom? For small rooms a loft bed can be a great space saving option as it takes up the same floor space as a normal twin bed but gives you all the room underneath the bed to place other furniture, effectively giving you double the floor space. Furniture such as desks or chests can be used in this under space or even a lounge or futon can be used to transform the space into a reading nook for your child. Always get an accurate measurement of the bedroom as well as the dimensions of the furniture you intend to purchase, then if you can draw a scaled plan your furniture placement on graph paper to see if it will fit in to the room. Make sure you mark in doors and window to be sure not to block off emergency exits with a cupboard or a bed! 2. How old is your child? The age of your child when you purchase the bedroom furniture influences the size and style you will be looking for, but not only that you need to be mindful of how often you are willing to improve the furniture or get something that will cater for their needs from young child through to adult. You may want to purchase a toddler bed for your child as they transition from their crib into a bed but you need to be mindful that this type of bed will need to be upgraded in a few years when your toddler gets taller and heavier. As your child grows into a student they will need a functional space for studying and sleeping, playing in their room is not really required any longer which means a full size bed may actual fit in. It is possible to buy sturdy bedroom furniture set when your child is in their preschool year which will last them until they are ready to leave home. 3. How many children in the room? If there are two or more children sleeping in the bedroom then space is going to bed at a premium. A great way to free up some play space is to invest in a bunk bed. This way the beds are only taking up the floor space of one bed instead of the area of two twin beds at floor level. If your budget allows and if your kids have a strong desire for the top bunk then investing in two loft beds could be an option. 4. Is the furniture safe? Ensure any bunk or loft beds come with safety rails, preferable without any overhanging ends that clothing could potentially get caught on should the child happen to fall off the bed. Clothing getting caught could be catastrophic. A sturdy base to the over head bunk bed and a ladder that grips tightly to the side should also be considered. 6. Brand new or second hand? Buying furniture online is very popular, most often shipping is included in the purchase price so you can tell up front whether the children’s bedroom furniture you have your eye on will fit into your budget. You can save substantial amounts off the retail price of brand new furniture by buying online as the merchant doesn’t have the overheads of a conventional retailer. But in saying that you can also find great bargains when shopping at online auction sites like eBay. Bargains can range from really good, hardly-used bedroom furniture to pieces that a splash of paint would transform into kid-loving pieces instantly. A spot of mind’s eye and elbow grease and you could save a packet. 7. Are storage compartments needed? Do you have a build-in wardrobe where you can stow away toys and clothes and other stuff, or do you need to purchase additional furniture with draws and cupboards to house some of the gear your children have or are likely to accumulate? There are many bed designs that have draws and cupboards build into the framework already. Captain’s beds have draws underneath and some loft and bunk beds have shelving, desks and draw compartment also build into their structure. Buying children’s bedroom furniture as a set upfront is a logical way to get all your storage pieces that match. No need to try and match up furniture at a later date. Wood Bedroom Furniture – Inspecting For Quality, Dining Room Basics, Bedroom Furniture Sets – For Bedrooms More Worth Coming Home To – Whatever information you are looking for, you can definitely find it online.

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