Purchasing any type of furniture online can be a scary process for consumers. This often means you’re purchasing high ticket items, and when buying furniture online you don’t get to see it, feel it, and actually test it before making a purchase. Buying wood furniture online poses additional problems – you won’t be able to inspect the wood, get a feel for how durable the piece is, or see if the finish is really a good match for your home or garden. Online furniture experts offer the following five tips for buying wood furniture online, to help consumers make their online purchases with greater peace of mind: 1. Research the Company – Find out if the company offers live customer support. Also find out where the company is physically located and if they have a storefront or warehouse that you can visit if you do decide that you want to inspect the furniture. Knowing the option exists, even if you don’t plan to visit, can lend more credibility to the retailer. 2. Ask for All Delivery Details – Will you have to assemble the furniture yourself, or will it be professionally assembled for you? What are the dimensions on delivery (you don’t want to find out it won’t fit through your doorway)? How long will it take to have it delivered? On the day of delivery, how big of a time window will you have to leave open? Is weekend delivery available, so you don’t have to take time off from work? How long will the delivery and assembly actually take? What are the delivery charges? A professional online furniture company will be able to answer all of these questions without hesitation. 3. Get Guarantees and Refund Policies Before Buying – If an online furniture retailer or manufacturer doesn’t offer any kind of guarantee, consider other options. If you’re required to pay up front, make sure that you can receive a full refund if things arrive damaged. 4. Get Product Details and Images – Most online furniture stores will offer basic product details on their sales pages. When buying wood furniture, it’s important to look for close-up or high-resolution images that will allow you to virtually “inspect” the quality of the wood used (such as the close-up wood grain images of this teak garden furniture). You should also look for details on the type of wood (from where it’s harvested to the wood grade), as those specifics can affect the wood’s overall quality and durability. 5. Get Maintenance Details – Many types of wood require regular, or at least periodic, maintenance from the buyer. When buying furniture online, you won’t be able to inspect the wood personally until it’s delivered, so you won’t necessarily know if it needs to be oiled, lacquered, or treated in other ways unless the company provides those details. Remember, damage from neglect probably won’t be covered in your guarantee, so you should find out up front how much time and additional money you’ll have to invest to keep your wood furniture looking great. Bedroom Furniture – Your Top Bed Bets, Bedroom Furniture – Trusting Traditional, Bedroom Furniture – Why Online is the Finest Place to Look – Whatever information you are looking for, you can definitely find it online.

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