Pet friendly, or pet safe, furniture is a bit of a misnomer just like the term ‘child proof’ you can’t get furniture which is immune to damage, but you can make sure that things are as safe and durable as possible. If you want to let your pet access to the house, but want to make sure that there is as little likelihood for damage as possible, then consider pet friendly furniture and decorations. If you have pets in the house, then wall to wall carpeting may not be a great idea, unless your pet happens to be a gold fish or a small bird. For popular four-legged pets such as dogs and cats, a hard floor with tiles or special flooring is most pet resistant and attractive too. For extra color to the floor, try adding small rugs, though if you have expensive Persian rugs, it might be better and safer to show on the walls. One clever and practical idea is a floor cover to place pet friendly furniture. For this purpose try vinyl-coated wallpaper and three coats of polyurethane. That should last a couple of years. Semi-gloss paint is a rational option if you have dogs and cats since it is easy to clean, which can be useful if your pet decides to rub itself against the wall. If you prefer wallpaper, get the washable, vinyl-backed kind. Avoid vertical blinds, ornate tassels, pull cords on lights, or anything else that could interweave the pet and put them at risk of strangulation. If you provide cats with a scratching pole to exercise their claws on, then you may find that they will leave your furniture alone. If you don’t have a scratching pole available, then some ridged cardboard may do in the short term. If your cat has a long tail, then keep ornaments back from the edge of any ledges to avoid them getting tail-swept off and breaking. Piece or Set – Bedroom Furniture Selection, Contemporary Furniture Attractions,
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