Making a style statement with your clothes, shoes, watch or car is nothing new and power dressing has been around for decades now to show off your rising lifestyle. From Milan to the streets of New York, fashion stores selling all kinds of way of life products and fancy car showrooms have been around since ages now catering to anyone looking to add a little bit of zing to their lifestyle. But more recently, apart from the usual suspects like clothes, cars etc, furniture has emerged as one of the hottest way of life products in the market today. More than dressing themselves, people now prefer the latest furniture to dress up their homes and add a lot of style and flavor to their ever increasing lifestyles. It is even interesting to note that out of all the modern furniture available in lifestyle stores now, high quality wood furniture still remains the number one choice when it comes to buying lifestyle furniture to show off to your friends, relatives and business associates. Wood furniture has been around since the time man discovered how to build tables, chairs, beds etc for their homes. One would imagine that after so many centuries, wood furniture would go out of style but not only has it not gone out of style, many consider it to be at the pinnacle of style statement for furniture. The fact is no material can match the class, elegance, quality and durability of high quality wood furniture. Also since wooden floorings have made a big comeback in interior design with most designers and home owners preferring to have wooden flooring in their bedrooms, if not the whole house, having wood furniture only adds to the décor and consistency of the house design. The great thing about wood furniture is that apart from its old world charm, it can be molded into various modern shapes and styles, giving it a powerful combination which no other type of furniture can achieve. The most excellent example here is the four poster bed. It is one of the oldest forms of beds used during colonial times by the British and was used mainly so that the four vertical columns of the bed could support the upper panel which was used to hold bed curtains. As time went by, the function of having four vertical columns to hold bed curtains became needless by the advancement in technology and changes in how we build our houses. But instead of slowly fading away, four posters beds have not only remained in our society, but are actually at the forefront when it comes to beds with luxurious appeal. The functional use of four poster beds have been replaced by high quality luxury and it is now seen as a more powerful, lavish and yet traditional form of furniture which can enhance the look of any room. It is no wonder then that if you visit any way of life furniture showroom in any part of the world that it is dominated by furniture made out of wood. Most showrooms in fact have started to cater to only wood furniture as they see it as the only type of furniture that can compete with other lifestyle products which complement your improved way of life. You and Your Bedroom Furniture, Spotlight on Leather Furniture, Bedroom Furniture – Space of Beauty – Whatever information you are looking for, you can definitely find it online.

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