Red is a powerful color. From the fury of red – orange flames to the depth of crimson blood, this color automatically stirs us to action. It excites us, invigorating our metabolism and stirring the warrior spirit deep within our subconscious mind.

Color determines the way a room will feel, and to some extent, the way you will feel in a room. It is the background of life that creates an ambiance against which your actions will occur. By paying attention to color, you can control a powerful and subtle element of any space.

In our primitive past, the color red was often seen in the red blood of the hunt, or at the explosion of a volcano, or the savage thrust of a forest fire. Because of this, our minds evolved to become excited when we see this color. We start acting, moving, and doing in more passionate and powerful ways.

One of the main effects the color red has is that it tends to speed up the metabolism. This has the dual effect of making you hungry, and making your body process food faster. That is why it is so often used in kitchen decorating. So you will eat more in the presence of red colors, but you will also lose more weight. The weight that you maintain will be determined by the balance that you reach.

Red also has an invigorating effect. It makes people want to take action, now. This can cause you to be impulsive, taking chances, and making decisions rapidly. This makes it easy to wake up in a red bedroom, but difficult to go to sleep in one.

Red is also a violent color. It makes people angry, and combined with its invigorating effect, this can lead to fighting. If you are already argumentative, this may be a color to avoid.

The flip side to fighting is love, and red is a color that is all about romance. If you are having trouble heating things up, red may be just the remedy you need.

The bottom line is, that red is a powerful color. Like fire it can help a space, or it can hurt it. The best use of red is as an accent, balanced by more reserved colors. Try placing small, tasteful red objects throughout a space, to invigorate a boring room. Otherwise, use a single red centerpiece to make the focus of a space action and passion.

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