Watching their children grow is one of life’s greatest joys for parents and grandparents. One day, your son or daughter will no longer be a toddler, gazing adoringly and trustingly in your eyes, but a young adult asking for the keys to the car. How did those years pass you by? You have the growth charts hanging on the wall to capture those endearing moments of the rise to adult hood as you watch your child, wreathed in smiles, drive off to the movies to spend time with friends with whom they compared marks on their personalized growth charts, also known as custom development charts.

The process begins with the nurse measures your baby as she is welcomed into the world. Decorating the nursery is both hard work and a rewarding process. Beautiful colors to stimulate ocular perception and hanging ornaments that chime and move. Once you realize that this bundle of joy is going to grow out of his or her first blanket, you realize you decide to get her special canvas growth charts personalized with her name hand painted into the art work. Now you have another chance for chronicling your child’s journey which will be an real adventure.

There are many regular growth charts available in stores and online today. Our personalized growth charts hang on walls, they stand on their own as a clothes tree, and they can even wrap around your child in blanket form. In a myriad of shapes, colors, forms, and materials, you will easily be able to select the measuring stick of your child’s progress that will perfectly match the décor of the room as well as their personality. You have an opportunity to choose any wall decor for your child’s room when they are still a little one. Personalized growth charts are the best way to keep track of each child’s patterns of growth as well as help them take ownership of their own identity.

The days of making marks on door frames and walls are gone. Sturdy 100% cotton canvas growth charts come beautifully painted with a variety of themes such as dinosaurs, animals, butterflies, flowers, the alphabet, and rockeships. As your child grows and demonstrates preferences for vehicles or animals, you can update the chart and choose hand painted wood instead. Personalized growth charts are the most popular favored by parents with multiple children. Adding your child’s name to the growth chart is an excellent way to assist your child to spell his or her name. is widely known for a huge selection of growth charts including unique personalized growth charts, custom mother’s jewelry, designer diaper bags, and exclusive baby gifts. has been featured in US Weekly and People Magazine’s Celebrity Babies Blog and Pregnancy Magazine.

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