Wood furniture can be fascinating but if you want to really want to appreciate it, you should know how to check its quality. It may sound complicated as there are many different types of wood furniture, but it’s actually a very simple job if you know what to look for in assessing the wood. Construction of the furniture is obviously a very big factor in terms of beauty, function and durability. Checking joints and strength is basic in getting an idea of the furniture’s quality. Remember that good joints should never be stapled and glue should not show anywhere around the joint. As for durability, you will need to look into corner blocks as these are vital in stability. However, they should not be seen from the outside but affixed on the inside corners. When it comes to desks, there should be dust panels in between the drawers as these are important not just in making the furniture stronger but also in warding off dust. As for back panels that are put up against a wall, remember that they should be generally attached with screws while keeping unexposed parts sanded. Whether it’s modern bedroom furniture or traditional bedroom furniture, the wood itself will indicate how durable it is. Hardwood furniture are those made from oak, maple, mahogany, teak, walnut, cherry and birch. Pine, fir, redwood, and cedar are soft woods. Naturally, the hardwoods fare better in terms of durability. However, modern furniture is now rarely made with pure wood. There will be engineered woods that are widely available and used because of their strength and ability to prevent splitting. Engineered woods are also strong, durable and stylish. The wood’s finish is another thing to look into and a nice one would involve sanding and staining. Sanding comes first to ensure that the furniture will be smooth with no rough edges. Sanding the grain will also make it look more attractive with staining as it adds to the natural charm and character of the wood. Great Alternatives in Modern Platform Bedroom Sets, Bedroom Designs – The Feng Shui Technique, Bedroom Furniture – Colors In Play – Whatever information you are looking for, you can definitely find it online.

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