Do you want to know more about how to make quilted designer shower curtains? This is exactly where you will find what you are looking for. This post has been written with you in mind.

Before engaging yourself in this project you need to be well equipped with some information and tips that may seem trivial but will prove useful along the way.This is why I invite you to read right to the very end and you will be realise how useful this post is.

The sad reality is, that in most cases you have a certain idea or vision about how you want your bathroom to look. For instance you may be considering purple fabric shower curtains or hunter green hookless shower curtain {blended|accentuated|beautifully combined} with an assortment of beautiful colors but only to find that your local bathroom store doesn’t have them. How can you go around this? Simply do it yourself.

Here are some thought starters.

You can make it without putting any batting in it to make it lighter.

One of the most important prerequisites of a shower curtain is water proofing – so be careful with your stitching.

You can also make only a quilt top and a plastic curtain for a lining. You can just saw the quilts at the top and then find some nice rivets to use.

If you choose to sew the quilt on to the liner then it will most probably leak, this why I recommend sewing at the top. Unless of course you don’t mind the possible leakage.

When making it like a quilt top that is pieced together you can then put a backing on it to hide the seams.

Instead of sewing the quilt to the plastic liner you can make the buttonholes across the top of the hooks. This will leave you with an option to wash the liner easily and separately. You can even throw it away when it wears out without losing the quilt.

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