Hanging wall letters are inspired and artistic kids room wall decor for your baby’s nursery, kids bed room or kids play room. Using the ABCs to bring fun and joy into the environment is a creative and successful method of teaching your children about the alphabet. Hanging wall letters come in a variety of whimsical styles, colors, and shapes. The most popular and unique look are the handcrafted wooden hanging letters. The most popular are the natural wooden hanging wall letters because of their high quality look and natural feel that increases the effect of any decor theme.

Framed Wood Wall Letters

The wooden letters are embedded in an off-white wooden frame with a beautiful color background of your choosing. This unique wall letter style has a large quantity of options to choose from such as 36 shades for the ribbons, 27 background patterns including polka dots, toile, gingham floral, striped and starred. You also have two frame styles to choose from, either scallop edged or straight, and two frame sizes, eleven by twelve inch with a nine inch letter, and eight inch square with a five inch letter. Set aside some fun time with your children so they can listen to you discuss the importance of ABCs as they watch you put up the wall letters.

Upper Case Wood Wall Letters

Upper Case Wood Wall letters are the most popular wall letters because they really make your child’s name standout as they vividly march across the wall in all natural wood. These nine inch tall hand painted capital wall letters come in light denim blue or rusty red and they are beautiful wall decor for any kids room. Hang them to a surface with all purpose adhesive or double stick tape and be original. Don’t just buy enough for your children’s names, it is trendy to purchase enough bold capital letters to write a message like “Jody’s Room”.

Lower Case Wood Wall Letters

Lower Case wood wall letters are gaining in popularity in recent years because they are great for spelling out messages. Since these wooden hanging letters are finished in an off-white ivory with a light tinted texture they will match almost any nursery or kids room decor. Use these lower case letters to spell out your children’s names and to write special messages such as “You Can Do It “, “Wish upon a Star”, or any other inspirational message that will gaze upon her and support her through the early development years. There are 19 ribbons to choose from to match any kids room wall decor including yellow, pink, blue, lavender, red, green and more, polka dots in blue, green, pink, pale blue and pink with chocolate brown dots, stripes, solids and more.

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