Even the most luxurious and spaces houses, people often find there are areas that just do not get enough light. In actual fact, it is often those people who have deeper rooms and areas within the house that are some distance from any windows that have the biggest problems with light. There are some options available to increase the light in your home, including adding widows, knocking through walls and even using putting light tunnels in the chimney. However, most of these methods are very costly and time consuming and there are far easier ways to brighten up your life.

Mirrors. There is no easier way to transport light around your home than using mirrors. This is because they are very efficient at reflecting light, hence you can see yourself very well in them. The best way to use them is place mirrors on walls in just the right place to send incoming light from windows, back out the door to other areas. Have another mirror outside the room on the wall opposite the door to pick up the light and move it on.This technique can be used all over the house wherever you are lacking a bit of light or wherever you want a certain area to have an enhanced glow.

Glass. You can call upon glass to break up the light and send it off in various directions, thus giving all parts of a room some exposure. Using wine glasses on tables and glass vases on shelves with refract light and send it out at all angles giving an all over glow. Make sure you don’t overdo the glassware however because you can sometimes end up ‘trapping the light’ within all the glass.

. You can use a combination of both tricks explained above to squeeze every last drop out of the available light you have. Use mirrors to direct light through glass objects such as glass candle holders and then smaller mirrors to pick up the refracted light and move it on. You’ll be amazed at just how much extra light you can have without even using electricity.

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