When it comes to kitchens and kitchen spaces, in todays world nearly everything seems to be going contempory. However when it comes to kitchens spaces, it seems that more and more people are decorating their kitchens in a country style. The reason for this may be due to its warm and inviting appeal. Country style kitchens takes you back to days gone with its simplistic yet welcoming features. It also capures the charm and comfort of life in the countryside, probably one of the main reasons for its appeal.

A Few Ideas To Decorate Your Kitchen The Country Style Way

Their are  great country kitchen decorating ideas out their. Make sure your kitchen is functional and efficient, and  has character. Keep your colours warm, clean and fresh. Your flooring should have a  natural  look so use  wood or tiles on the floors. One of the good country kitchen decorating ideas would be to add a weaved or braided rug on the floor to create a cozy feel to your kitchen.
Try to use  light colours when it comes to your furniture. Light coloured wooden chairs like wicker chairs for example. You could even add a few accents like plants in pottery jars or wild flowers in a vase, use these  country kitchen decorating ideas to accentuate the country feel of your kitchen.

Try to give your kitchen a calm elegant country atmosphere. With antique lighting, a stone fireplace, open shelves and kitchen cabinats made from pine or made from wood with an aged surface. More country kitchen decorating ideas would be to use ceramic tiles for your countertops and have a few rustic looking items all around your kitchen.
If you go for the French style country kitchen, it should  feel like walking into a  cottage somewhere in France. This style has a very romanitc feel and is very beautiful. Some great country kitchen decorating ideas for the walls would be to paint it butter or mustard yellow. Also you could use a over head pot rack and free standing plain table, for  family and friends to gather around at mealtimes. These are just a few country kitchen decorating ideas one could use.
If you have a small kitchen, then incorporate small kitchen decorating ideas like using small rugs to create a cozy feel.Hang a small chandelair from your ceiling it will work wonders for your kitchen.You could also stencil designs on your cupboards which really look nice in a small kitchen. Whatever you decide,do not over decorate and clutter your kitchen remember its a small space.

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