If you do get the opportunity to chose and design your own kitchen, besides the Italian style one, you could go with the Tuscan styled kitchen. If you don’t know what a Tuscan styled kitchen is, it would be the typical farm style kitchen.

Finding Tuscan kitchen decorating ideas couldn’t be any simpler to find. If you love the old farm or cottage style and way of life, you have hit the nail on the head. Everything that this entails sums up the style of finding any Tuscan kitchen decorating ideas. You would love the idea of family sitting around a large wooden table with meals stretched across it to serve everyone. You would love the old-fashioned fire stove that would warm the cottage in the wintry months.

One of the best Tuscan kitchen decorating ideas would be the spice and herb drawers that are built around the stove edges, with tiled counter tops around the sink area to keep with the theme of raw woods, but waterproof and more sanitary.

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Another one of many Tuscan kitchen decorating ideas would be the floors, antique oak that creaks when the house begins to rest after a hot summer day. Yes it is probably enough to make you run outside if you don’t know the house that well with all its traits and how it breathes and cools down. Some other Tuscan kitchen decorating ideas would be having some lavender in a old milk can tucked in the old fire place that was once used years ago, before the fire stove was put there. It looks and is very heavy made of cast iron, as with every other piece of ornaments floating around, like the oxen yoke that was once used, but now has a new life as a coat hanger or something.

The ceilings would also be low and seem rather rough as though straw was rubbed over it once upon a time. The Tuscan kitchen decorating ideas for walls couldn’t be any simpler. Kitchen wall decorating ideas are earthy and warm to the touch once it is done. The color usually used would be a white washed limestone, or as some people may just love the color magnolia. If you are creative enough to do some artwork on the walls, stenciling some vine in some areas around the corners of the room, or a fake painting of cherry bushes or orange trees, that should be one way of bringing extra greenery into the inside.

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