Interior Design Success

In the world of interior designing there are a few key things which will either make or break a design. One is the overall color scheme and another one is the wall and ceiling colors. Sometimes without even realizing it you can have these three things in such clashing proximity to each other that a person can barely stay and look at the room. So one thing that you absolutely must look at when you’re redecorating your house is the interior paint colors.

For one thing they should really match with the overall color scheme you’re giving to the rest of the room, and for another thing even if the interior paint colors match your color scheme, they might be a few (dozen) shades lighter or darker than it really should be. This holds especially true when choosing the proper interior paint colors to go on, not only your walls but your ceiling as well.

The ceiling is always a tricky subject where painting is concerned, and unless you have large spaces or have frescoes on your ceiling, then you’ll want to stay away from anything too elaborate. Many people go wrong in this step of their interior designing process because they also try to give their ceilings some character. I have one word for you: don’t.

Unless you're absolutely certain of the effect you're going to achieve by applying interior paint colors to your ceilings as well, colors that also match your entire room, then I would strongly suggest that you either leave it as it is or just whitewash it.

Using the same shade or even lighter shade of the interior paint colors you’re using for the room can be a big mistake as it may tend to lower the height of the room by bringing the visual height of the ceiling further down. However, no matter how light your chosen interior paint colors vary, unless you choose a soft pastel color, you will make the room seem smaller.

If you really do want to have bold interior paint colors then I would suggest going with the walls. Even here you need to be careful not to overpower the room, and use the boldest colors only sparingly. Otherwise the same thing will happen with the walls as they did with the ceiling and you’ll find that the room closes in on itself. Unless of course you have big airy spaces that are just begging to be coated in bright bold colors, and where the rooms won’t suffer for it.

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