These are exterior balusters for a home in Atlanta. They measure 3 1/2″ X 30″ 170 pcs. They were designed by the architect, Laura Depree. The wood is Sapele, an African import that is very similar to mahogany. It holds up quite well outdoors and does not have a tendency to bleed through the paint as does Spanish Cedar.

Sapele Balusters 3 1/2" X 30"

Sapele Balusters 3 1/2\

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  • Mac says:

    Holy hell! I have turned several pieces of sapele in the last year and it is a beautiful wood, both to turn and to look at. Anyone who paints it should be SHOT! No judge, no jury just straight to execution. Why on earth would anyone want to hide something so stunning under a layer of paint??? I knows it isn’t a crime but it should be.

  • says:

    I gasped when I first learned that people were painting mahogany. Because of its superior rot and weather resistance it is occasionally used outdoors.

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