I thought I would post some more pictures of some of the beautiful homes in Natchez, MS. These particular homes are near the Stanton Hall home.

Stanton Hall

Stanton Hall from the West.

Stanton Hall

Stanton Hall from the East

nice pickets - nice wife

This lovely fence is in front of the an old estate built in the mid 1800’s – the Choctaw. The lovely girl is my wife.

mahogany door

So many of these homes have mahogany doors for the main entrance. This door is awesome.

White Oak entry
This white oak door is the main entry for Stanton Hall. You can’t really see it but the applied molding is an egg an dart motif.

neat tapered columns

I liked the tapered columns on this small home.

old home

lovely columns

Really neat bowed porch columns.

inverted "v" rail

I often have to describe to my customer how the bottom rail of a balustrade should be designed to shed water to reduce rot. This is an excellent example of how they did it in the old days.

cat in front of balustrade

The cat was practically asking us to take her picture. Many of the old top rails were round or oval in their cross section. This railing has an oval profile.


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